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 TELEFOREST: cable-mast forest skidding, an environmentally friendly technique.

Mr. Daniel Gauthier, I am happy to talk to you about cable-mast forest skidding by TELEFOREST. It is an environmentally friendly technique that allows you to transport the cut wood without damaging the soil and vegetation.

The flagship product of TELEFOREST, which consists of a radio-controlled trolley that moves using a deviation of the cable suspended between two 15-meter-high masts, held by two excavators. This product moves on 3 axes without fixed anchoring on the excavators and masts. The excavators move in parallel with the mountain without dismantling the carrier cable. This allows continuous production day after day.

That’s why TELEFOREST offers you innovative and ecological solutions for your forest projects. We have efficient and adapted equipment to meet your needs, as well as a qualified and experienced team. Do not hesitate to contact us. See the website

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