Cable Yarding Sky-Log

Cable Yarding Sky-Log Telecarier
A hydrostatic circuit to control braking system while hauling downhill

A parking brake is always applied. This brak is released by a hydraulic pressure when it is being removed from the ca
Deviation of the cable for movement
The winch at the rear of the excavator controls the friction of the main cable. This friction enables the carriage to move by using the deviation of the cable between the pulleys.

The carriage has two remote controlled pulleys which allow increase in the traction on the cable thus reducing its wearing away.
A diesel engine
The diesel engine is cooled down by air and has a turbo that is very effective in altitude.
A 75 hp diesel engine consumes an average of 25 litres per day.
The remote control
The carriage’s remote control makes operations safe with each operator controlling his work area.
A diesel engine
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